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There’s this idea that awakening or spirituality is an intellectual realisation, and it is at first.  We have a shift in perception, we start to see things differently; old beliefs and habitual ways of seeing start collapsing and we see a deeper reality.  But unless that realisation is fully embodied and includes every aspect of life then it’s not really serving its full purpose. 

If the mind is trying, then it’s not it.  You have to release your conditioning and discover who you are as a soul beyond all the beliefs you picked up from your mum, your dad, your teachers, your peers, your friends. You have to die; jump off the proverbial cliff, let go, feel everything fully without judgement.  You have to surrender and then grace is the doer not the mind.  What that means is that your actions arise from your authentic being rather than you trying to get it “right” or get it all “done”.

I used to understand so many things intellectually but I until I journeyed through a lot of the teachings and practices that I am here to share with you all, the shift into true sovereignty and wholeness had not happened yet.  I was still doubting.  Still trying to figure it all out.  Still controlling my external environment and micro-managing.  I hadn’t yet accepted at a cellular level that the nature of existence is duality. There is nothing I or anyone else can do about that. There is birth, there is death. There is chaos, there is order. There is light, there is dark. There is bliss, there is falling apart.  And so on, and so on, and so on. The waves of the ocean are ever changing.

So, what was the game changer?  I became both the witness of the waves and the waves themselves.  I turned Shiva (the masculine principle of awareness) into relationship with Shakti (the feminine principle of aliveness) as a moment to moment meditation.  What this meant was feeling everything fully in each moment and experiencing the deepest acceptance of duality.  Dark and light united.  Masculine and feminine merged.  No resistance to vibrating who I am and how I feel in each moment.  Embodied awakening.

I started following my heart.  I started living life as the adventure I always knew it was but had forgotten.  I felt my feminine in new ways and started listening to her, trusting her.  I deepened into my masculine presence and began to accept all of myself without judgment.  I became able to shift what I needed to shift at a cellular level at the time the “shit hit the fan” so that I didn’t need to keep cycling though repetitive patterns. I attracted an incredible man into my life, most amazing teacher and beautiful tribe. I stopped resisting my pain and began to humble myself before life’s grace – in all its different colours.

The mundane world, the mess of life – this is deep meditation.  You are embodying your awakening when no part of your life is separate to your spirituality – your sexuality, your emotional body, your power – it is all included.  As well as your beating human heart, your song, your consciousness. 

No matter what i going on in your relationships, finances, the grit, family, confrontation, pain, sex etc. you are still spiritual!  It doesn’t all have to be perfect.  The path of embodied awakened is not about being perfect, it is about no part of your life being separate to your spirituality anymore.

You don’t have to sit on a mat in silence for an allocated period of time to meditate – life can be a mediation.  A moment to moment experience of staying deeply aware and deeply attuned to how you are feeling.  Not getting caught up in the waves of your mind or emotions, but not resisting them either; just bringing more focus to the waves and trusting them with your loving presence. 

When you embody awakening a transparency of beingness starts to permeate your life.  You can finally relax and be yourself without guilt or shame.  The messiness doesn’t go away with embodied awakening; we just open to it.  We surrender to it.  We learn and grow from it and come to realise that mess and pain is just as much in the flow of life as the joy, bliss and laughter. 

When we embody our awakening we are no longer trying to avoid the mess.  We open to everything because we know grace moves through it all.  The mind that can plan, that can reflect, that can create structures and get the job done is useful but not if it’s at the forefront.  If it’s the driver, if it’s at the forefront, you cannot embody awakening. 

The more you accept, the more you allow, the more you bow down to life as it appears in your moment to moment experience, the more you will fall into a state of surrender, acceptance, trust, tenderness and beauty.  And the more you will ride the waves in curiosity and experience the richness and depth of being fully AWAKE and IN THIS BODY. 

Friends, the time is here and now. No more trying or attempting to be spiritual. Just this loving presence and full aliveness.  And so it is.

Love Raven xo


by Tara Megan (Manager of the Academy)

One of the key values that each of us holds at the Embodied Awakening Academy is integrity.  What this looks like is that whatever teachings we share with the world, that we embody and transmit these teachings through our own being and lives.  With the name change this meant a higher level of accountability to no longer believe the mind, to move more deeply into surrender and trust with every situation that arises, and to remove any remnants of focus on the ‘I’, so a deeper dedication to the ‘we’ can emerge.

One of the most spontaneous ways that this up-levelling manifested, was us arriving at our recording location to film the 5th of our 7 online courses – Life Tantra – or so we thought.  On our first day of recording, we took an unexpected phone call before we started filming.  An hour later, with our minds blown, it became absolutely clear that what we were actually there to record was our Tantra Practitioner Training; a 12 months, certified online program.

We took 24 hours to tune into this and all came to the same conclusion; now more than ever what the world is needing is for people to not only embody their own awakening, but to become skilled in the service of helping others to do the same.

So after years of requests and Raven’s Tantra Practitioner Training Manual already in draft form, it was apparent that it was time for us to share her unique bodywork protocols, methods and teachings with the world.  And wow – letting go of the mind, surrendering to the flow of grace, and feeling our commitment to service – our filming was nothing less than miraculous.

So, we invite you to go on this journey of up-levelling with us.  Where every distortion is seen, loved and embraced then transmuted into ease, joy and bliss. Where we move beyond the focus of our attention on the ‘I’ and individual needs and expand into the ‘we’ and collective needs. This is what’s required when we embody our awakening. 

Our team is committed to you, to serving humanity and to being a living, breathing transmission of embodied awakening. And I am honoured to share this work.


Chantelle Raven: Founder & Primary teacher of the Embodied Awakening Academy

Aaron Kleinerman: Divine Masculine Teacher of Embodied Awakening & Tantric Practitioner

Tara Meegan: Embodied Awakening Manager and Tantric Practitioner

Antosh Sokol: Embodied Awakening Co-Manager and Tantric Practitioner

Georgia Rose: Embodied Awakening Support Member and Tantric Practitioner

With the five of us, always holding love in the centre, the school has morphed into the Academy.  So here we are!  The Embodied Awakening Academy.

We are a family. We are a temple. We are a community. We are a sacred container for awakening on the planet.  Come join us!

In love and freedom, dark and light.

The Embodied Awakening Team xo



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