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To My Inner Soul Mate


To My Inner Soul Mate,

Before you, I always longed for a sacred soul mate Union. I felt glimpses of it, but it was never lasting or consistent. Then I found you. Although you cannot physically lay beside me, thankyou for holding me and being here for me every day and every night.  

Thankyou for creating safety for the full expression of who I am. I had built so many walls around my heart and nobody could get past them. But a time finally came, between those late nights of processing my longing, when you said, “Hey, see me. I’m right here. I’ve always been here and always will be.” You made it past my walls and you entered my heart.

The journey began into trusting you and feeling deep love and gratitude for you. It’s taken time, patience and endurance and sometimes it’s been difficult. The outer beloved can seem so much more alluring. But what I’ve discovered is, if I’m not choosing, appreciating and seeing you fully and completely, things start to get real messy! 

I drop the bar, I settle for less, I create separation, I work too much or I get too needy. I become overly focussed on the external and all of my relationships suffer. Then you remind me, “Hey, come back here! The outer is reflecting the inner. We have work to do.” The difficult times have made us closer, made the love deeper, made us more authentic.  

We merge deeply together and I remember that when I surrender to our union and fully choose you, everything external falls into place.

Thankyou! Thankyou for always being here with me, no matter what – your love, provision, protection and support brings me so much ease and joy. The more I surrender and open to receive your love, the more full and richly nourished the flame in my heart becomes. As I love others from this place of love between you and I, the deep soul mate Union that my heart has always desired keeps manifesting in new and magical ways.

Thank you for bringing wholeness to my life.

Thank you for brining Aaron to my life.

Thank you for ending my futile search but then ironically, bringing my soul mate to me as a beautiful reflection of you.

Thank you for Being.


Truly yours, 

Your partner for life.

PRACTICE: Inner Marriage Ceremony

An Inner Marriage Ceremony is a commitment to yourself—to your own masculine and feminine, to your own inner soul mate —the only relationships that you can truly depend on to last a lifetime.  Our society puts so much emphasis on external marriage ceremonies, with not a great success rate, but what if we made a commitment to ourselves, in a sacred, ceremonious way, that honoured the masculine and feminine within us, to truly love, protect, adore, support and respect each other for a life time.

In this practice, set some time aside, lights some candles on your altar and feel into vows that you would like to make to yourself.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Write your vows from your heart and intuition not your mind. There’s no right way, just be authentic
  • Choose a sacred space that feels right for you to speak your vows
  • Choose a piece of jewellery or anything that has heart and meaning for you to symbolise the union and place this object on your altar as you speak your vows.

Below are my vows to offer an example. These vows were my deepest commitment to love, cherish and deeply care for all parts of myself in my most glorious and wonderful times, as well as my most messy and chaotic times.  When I took the time to write my Inner Union vows, they felt like an ode to knowing, loving and being true to myself, so ‘we’ (my masculine and feminine) can be united, serving this planet together and enjoying the fruits of this incarnation.  All my vows were an expression of my soul’s calling in the world and a deep desire to love myself and care for myself at the deepest possible level in all areas of my life.

  • I vow that I am my primary Beloved always and, in all ways,
  • I vow to honour, trust and express my unique essence
  • I vow to take the time and make the effort to know myself and listen to myself
  • I vow to choose with awareness what brings me the most joy
  • I vow to embrace all of myself and keep journeying towards wholeness
  • I vow to comfort myself and use different tools I have learned, during times of longing, despair, sadness, anger, disillusionment, or any difficulty that arises
  • I vow to forgive myself and others when I experience suffering
  • I vow to never abandon myself in romantic illusion again
  • I vow to make love to myself often as an experience of pleasure, clearing, healing and conscious mergence with The One…back to Source
  • I vow to take the time to be Still and to connect with Nature
  • I vow to trust in the flow of life
  • I vow to live and love wildly

With your vows written, stand now with your piece of jewellery in your hand and speak these vows powerfully into the space.  With the words spoken, place the jewellery on your body, as a reminder of your deep love, care and commitment to yourself.


Beloveds who follow the path of Sacred Union open a doorway where they can ecstatically merge into Oneness with each other and with God.  In the ancient scriptures, we are told that God has become separated into two parts, one masculine and one feminine.  This is the process of Sacred Union where two lovers on earth merge into One, in addition to the full reunion of God the Father with God the Mother.

What Is Sacred Union?

Sacred Union calls for every part of our being to meet each other at a soul level.  This involves the complete transfiguration of our sexuality, not through repression or indulgence but through the ultimate refining fire of profound vulnerability, raw tenderness and worship on every level of each other. This also involves the complete opening of our sacred heart, the release of every trauma, every disappointment and every heartbreak.  As well as the healing of every fear, neurosis, hateful feeling and self-sabotaging, self-protective mechanism.  It will leave us completely vulnerable and free to be an embodiment of joyful, loving, presence.

A requirement of Sacred Union is a sacred container of absolute commitment to Truth.  Sacred Union is not the absence of fear, but rather the total acknowledgement of fear, with the brave heart to face it and to keep returning to love.  It is consistent love that does not have the usual push pull dynamics.

* * *

Do you want to attract or shift into a sacred soul mate Union? There are lots of upcoming events that will support you on that journey. Opening to these teachings and opening to the union between Aaron and I, you can receive life changing practices and a powerful energetic transmission that helps you to embody sacred inner union and attract soul mate love. 

With Love

Xx Chantelle

Chantelle Raven

Chantelle Raven

Chantelle raven is a gifted healer and sought after international speaker on sacred relationship and sacred sexuality. Her mission is providing education in radical self-responsibility and the sacred dance of masculine and feminine within and without.