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How to make a difference in the world, one heart at a time

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Day 1 —
What is Tantra & how does it support lasting transformation?

How Tantra is the missing key to healing relationships, mental health and sexuality on the planet.

How the ground-breaking and growing field of Tantra offers a path to return to our wholeness, rather than seek perfection.

Tantric wisdom & techniques that heal emotional trauma related to the entire spectrum of the human experience.

Day 2 —
What makes a confident practitioner?

How to move from being a novice to a master in the healing arts, to become an embodied, authentic and confident practitioner.

How to release imposter syndrome for good by holding your humanity alongside your divinity.

Getting out of your own way so the power of grace & intuition can be the guiding force in supporting others.

Day 3 —
Be the change you want to see in the world

Learn how the most successful healers embody their humanity and spirituality as one, to live what they teach.

Your capacity to heal others is dependent on your capacity to heal yourself. Learn how to embody your own awakening to support your clients to do the same

Key practices as a practitioner, that support you to showing up for yourself, so you can show up for others

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Meet your powerhouse teachers

Chantelle Raven

Founder & Lead Teacher

Chantelle has a passion for spiritual awakening, a deep love for people, and a unique understanding of the psyche, the body, and sexuality. She has been facilitating workshops and retreats in the field of spirituality and Tantra for almost 20 years. A former teacher of personal development, she has spent the last 2 decades delving deeply into somatic therapy, shamanism, psychology, philosophy, meditation, self-inquiry, emotional freedom technique, and all things Tantra.

She is known internationally for her unique way of guiding 1000s of students to embody their awakening, working directly with their human- experience as the foundation for lasting and practical life-change.

Tara Meegan

Supporting Teacher & Certified Tantra Practitioner

After exploring spirituality for over 20 years across Australia and India, Tara left a successful career in Marine Biology in 2018 to pursue her calling in the Tantric tradition.

Mentoring 1:1 with Chantelle Raven, she dived into all the Academy’s teachings, retreats, and practices, healing depression, chronic pain, addiction, childhood trauma, unhealthy relationship dynamics, sexuality blockages, and ingrained limiting beliefs. Alongside this journey she became the manager of the Academy, and one of the key teachers of the Academy’s workshops and retreats, and a certified Practitioner offering 1:1 Tantra sessions.

Dedicated to living Tantra in every aspect of the human experience, she shares her unique experience of Tantra with others, with her gifts of compassion, safety, grounded power, and grace.

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