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Personalized Mentoring

Elevate your journey with 1:1 mentoring from our esteemed core team of practitioners – Chantelle & Tara. Whether you’re new to the healing arts/coaching or looking to add Tantra and embodiment to your existing offerings, we have tailored mentoring options available to support your Practitioner journey, that can be accessed at any stage in your journey.   

Coaches & Practitioners adding Tantra & Embodiment to their offerings (with Tara Meegan)

For those looking to take their offering’s next level by incorporating Tantra, Tara offers 1:1 mentoring to fast-track your personal Tantric journeySupercharge your own embodiment and expansion, by clearing any blockages that are holding you back from living your ideal life in all areas – self-worth, relationships, power, sexuality & businessBy committing deeply to your own journey, your capacity to support your clients on theirs will be further expanded6, 9 and 12 month containers available.

Experienced Practitioners who want to Deep Dive with Chantelle Raven (Reduced Rate - By Application Only)

If you are ready to fully devote yourself to embodying an awakened state and offering yourself in service, Chantelle’s exclusive mentorships are designed specifically for you.  

In addition, with my years of experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur in the arts, hospitality and events industries, I love helping those starting a business as a practitioner or coach. With your input, I can offer guidance and support in the following areas:

  • Building a team (and how to interview and engage the right people, and ensure they deliver what you need from them) 
  • Creating authentic offerings (including what to charge) 
  • Committing to ethical and responsible practice (including the right forms, waivers and information to give your clients) 
  • How to avoid the common issues of burn out when starting and running your own business (I have a LOT of experience in this!) 
  • The legal and financial requirements for setting up a business such as finding the right business structure, building efficient bookkeeping and financial processes, contracts, and agreements (e.g. with employees, clients etc), and choosing the right insurance 


  • 6 x 1.5-hour mentorship sessions (over Zoom)  
  • 1 x 2-hour Business Deep Dive Session (over Zoom) 
  • Assessment and Certification (see add on description on website) (VALUE $1500) 
  • WhatsApp support between sessions  


  • 12 x 1.5 hour mentorship sessions (over Zoom)  
  • 2 x 2 hour Business Deep Dive Session (over Zoom)  
  • Assessment and Certification (see add on description on website) is included in all my mentorship offerings (value $1,500) 
  • WhatsApp support between sessions 


I also offer single sessions at $220USD. Reach out (email) or book a free 30-minute intro call to talk about my mentorship and session options below.


If you’re already in the coaching or healing arts, then I’m here to support your Practitioner Training journey, to invite a next-level personal upgrade in all areas of your life.   

You see, when facilitating Tantra with others, the most important part of being a successful practitioner, is that you are personally embodying the teachings and deepening in your evolution processes, leaving no stone unturned.   

I am here to offer a safe, non-judgmental, and powerful space for you to experience a whole new level of shedding and expansion.  We will be working with those unconscious patterns, belief systems, and resistant points, that are keeping you from living as the highest version of yourself, in all areas of your life. 

I offer 3, 6 and 9 month containers


In this 3-month container we will be working to clear limiting beliefs and patterns that stop you from moving forward to create the life you desire. Be it the relationship with yourself, sexuality, emotional body, self-worth, purpose, wealth mindset or a partner, these sessions will clear what does not serve you, somatically from the nervous system, so that new ways of engaging with life become your reality. 

Price: $3,240 USD ($1,080 USD/ month) 

Number of sessions: 9 sessions over 3 months, with follow-up homework and integration given between each session. 



This deep dive is an inner transformation that will have you showing up for yourself in completely new ways that create lasting change in your life. You will experience holding yourself in your deepest pain and your deepest pleasure so that no matter what life presents, you have not only the Tantric tools, practices and philosophy to navigate it all, but the embodied experience of what it is to guide yourself skilfully back to wholeness. 

Price: $5,982 USD ($997 USD/ month)

Number of sessions: 18 sessions over 6 months, with follow-up homework & integration given between each session.


This 9-month container is a complete life-reset into the most hidden recesses of the unconscious. It is a journey for seekers of truth and self-mastery who are ready to look at every aspect of their being that is holding them back from shining in the world as a leader, as a lover, as a beloved and as an integrated power-house of a human being. We will explore and reveal all that stands in your way from living in your full authenticity, mastery, love, confidence and truth. 

Price: $6,993 USD ($777 USD/ month)

Number of sessions: 27 sessions over 9 months, with follow-up homework and integration given between each session. 

Contact me on email ([email protected]) or book a free 30 min discovery call to chat through what option is best suited to you. 


If you desire to receive direct support and mentorship from me – my Breakthrough Session, Initiation Journey and One Year Tantra Queendom Mentorship are all excellent choices. These offers are available without the need to apply and for a 10% discount, exclusively to the participants of this self-paced Practitioner Training. Outside of that, it’s not possible to work so closely with me at a discounted rate or without applying. 

 I am honored to guide women (and rare men) who are ready to dedicate themselves fully to their service in the world. This requires deep internal work, and I passionately walk alongside my clients as they engage with everything that is alive in them as a gateway to infinity. In my 1:1 Mentorship, I hold space for the totality of your being, so that you can embrace your absolute highest potential and most tender vulnerability. 

To gain a deeper insight into my 3 offerings click below:

If you would like to join one of my containers let’s jump on a call, drop in, talk about your options and explore the best fit for us to work together.