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An International Institute of Complimentary Therapies course now available as a  self paced study for a limited time

Introducing our DIY Tantra Practitioner Training: a SelfPaced Option

For a limited time, we are offering an alternative pathway into our Practitioner Training at a reduced cost of $4,444 (originally $15,000).

With the DIY Training, you can save both time and money while tailoring your experience according to your unique needs and experience in the healing arts. You will gain full access to our comprehensive 12-module curriculum that covers everything you need to become a Tantra Practitioner and hold 1:1 sessions for clients.

This whole-being approach to healing will equip you with the skills and authentic embodiment to address any trauma, blockage, or pain point in your clients’ lives while supporting them to expand into more ease, joy, pleasure, and alignment. The session protocols taught in this training can also be seamlessly incorporated with any other healing modality, enabling a new depth to your client’s transformation.

12-Modules Tantra Practitioner Training

Unlock your transformation and help others uncover theirs.
Available as an athome study program for the very first time for a onetime price of $5000 from a regular price of $15000

The DIY Training Includes:

Your Tantra training bible that covers all aspects of our practitioner curriculum, including the foundations of what is required personally for you to be a successful practitioner, and detailed instructions for each protocol used in 1:1 sessions with clients.

Understand the emotional, energetic, philosophical and psychological aspect behind each of the session protocols, as well what is required in your inner process to be able to hold space for your client’s journey.

You can hold for others what you can hold for yourself. Experience the work in your own life through these guided audios, allowing you to better support your clients in key areas.

Witness Chantelle giving client sessions specifically on each protocol, providing tangible insights into the implementation of the protocols to support a client’s healing and expansion.

Learn from renowned experts in the field of Tantra and healing arts, as they share their unique perspectives on the core themes of the training, gained from years of experience and mastery in their field of expertise.

Optional AddOns:

We understand that some individuals may desire additional support. To cater to these aspirations, we offer 2 optional addons:

Undertake the program’s assessment requirements to become officially certified, receiving professional recognition, membership, and insurance through our accreditation partner, the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

Access our 4 x 8 Week Online Courses and 4 x Short Online Courses, providing you with knowledge and embodiment pathways for your own self-mastery in the areas of relationships, sexuality, self-worth, addictions, business, and mental health.

A Note from


Deep within our hearts and bodies lies a profound intelligence that can truly blow our minds.

It is the evolutionary force of love, expressed through our cells, nerves, hearts, and the very essence of our sexuality. If we know how to listen to this with a loving presence, the truth is always accessible to us.

This Self-Paced Practitioner Training is your invitation to listen and be attuned to the deep wisdom within your own body and your clients. It will empower you to guide others toward true empowerment, sexual vitality, and wholeness. It will gift you a profound understanding of the ever-evolving reality of being human, encompassing the journey from flesh to spirit, from darkness to light, and from the depths of shadow to the heights of awareness.

This Self-Paced version allows you to choose the path that you were destined for in a way that is very accessible, affordable, and spacious.

hope this inspires you to embrace the magic within and shine your soul in the world.

With love,

Raven xx

This powerful healing modality is embodied, grounded, and effectual.

With input from some of the field’s greatest masters, this tantra training will make you one of the best practitioners in the groundbreaking and growing field of Tantra.

Embodied Awakening’s unique practitioner approach is a synthesis of:

Seize the Opportunity:

Our Practitioner Training has empowered countless individuals to create extraordinary lives for themselves and their clients. This DIY option is your chance to unlock your highest soul potential and make a lasting impact in the world.


MODULE 1: Laying the foundations

Initiate your journey into the lineage of Tantra and receive the wealth of wisdom and healing tools it has to offer.

  • Traditional Tantra in a Contemporary Context
  • The importance of devotion and a stable practice
  • Working with Mantra, Yantra, and God/Goddess energy
  • The difference between being a master and a novice
MODULE 2: How to be a confident practitioner

Step into your role as a confident, focused, and authentic practitioner.

  • Setting up your practice room as a strong, sacred space
  • Moving beyond your fears and self-doubts
  • Releasing the agenda to ‘fix’ with loving presence
  • Mental health, addictions, and accountability
MODULE 3: Learn the session structure to support wholeness

Structure and sequence your sessions to facilitate high level transformation and integration.

  • Invocation – calling in mystical energies to become a channel for grace & healing
  • Conversation – asking the right questions & practicing the art of active listening
  • Activation – vibrating the emotional & sexual body to discharge trapped energy
  • Integration – digesting the healing, meditation, and re-wiring core beliefs
MODULE 4: Establish safety and integrity

Master the 2 key rules of healing—safety & integrity— to work skillfully with any type of trauma and client.

  • Navigating boundaries, consent, and attunement
  • Understanding trauma and the benefits of trauma release
  • Working with the nervous system and stress responses
  • The importance of discernment when working with sexual energy
MODULE 5: How to work with the unconscious

Access the disowned and denied aspects of your client’s psyche to facilitate breakthrough healing experiences.

  • Resolving debilitating beliefs and patterns
  • The emotional body as a gateway into the unconscious
  • Voice dialogue techniques to integrate denied aspects
  • Healing sexual trauma and embracing fears and desires
MODULE 6: Key bodywork protocols

Unique and essential techniques to heal emotional traumas in your clients that would otherwise go unacknowledged. Learn the Academy’s signature Body Work Protocols which utilize breath, sound, and movement to access the body’s natural wisdom:

  • Tantric Massage – elemental touch with loving presence to generate sexual energy throughout the entire physical and energetic body
  • Heart De-armoring & Breast Massage – inspires tenderness, self-love, and loosens self-protective armor built-up from past hurts
  • Inner Child Integration – Hold your client with healthy mother and healthy father energy to recapitulate and reparent at an embodied level
  • Awakening Kundalini – Spinal wave sequence to clear blockages and support fluidity through the major energy centers of the body
MODULE 7: Tantric practices for the feminine

Support women to overcome blockages and live in their feminine radiance, sensuality, and surrender.

  • Conversation and connection with Inner Masculine
  • Womb healing and releasing past lovers
  • Yoni attunement and guidance into hearing her ‘voice’
  • Connecting to authentic feminine bliss
MODULE 8: Tantric practices for the masculine

Support men to move through challenges so they can channel their sexual energy to embody power, presence, and stillness.

  • Sexual sublimation and releasing porn addiction
  • Self-pleasure and rewiring sexual guilt and shame
  • Initiating the divine masculine through meditation
  • Cultivating and trusting the inner feminine
MODULE 9: Essential communication practices for couples

Navigate the complex terrain of couple-dynamics with powerful models that will support your clients in healthy expression and resolution.

  • Sexual, emotional, and mental compatibility
  • Vulnerable sharing and reflective listening
  • Gratitude and making healthy requests
  • Releasing stress responses and role reversal
MODULE 10: Essential intimacy practices for couples

Powerful techniques to electrify your client’s connection and invite more passion and romance into their life.

  • Sexual polarity and the invisible partnership
  • Tantric merging with macrocosmic orbit
  • Exploring desires, fantasies, fears, and boundaries
  • Worshipful devotion and love appointments
MODULE 11: How to work with shamanic energetics

Weave Shamanism with Tantra to initiate your clients into becoming powerful creators of an extraordinary life.

  • Being a channel for grace and intuition
  • Guiding a shamanic journey
  • Working with the Chakra system
  • How to protect your energy field
MODULE 12: Becoming a master practitioner

Essential session tips that ensure your clients integrate their work with you and your business keeps growing.

  • Pre-Session: intake forms and discovery calls
  • Post Session: homework and testimonials
  • Feeling confident with charging what you’re worth
  • Utilizing your unique superpowers
This wholebeing approach to healing will equip you with the skills and authentic embodiment to address any trauma, blockage, or pain point in your clients’ lives, while supporting them to expand into more ease, joy, pleasure, and alignment. The session protocols taught in this training can also be seamlessly incorporated with any other healing modality, enabling a new depth to your clients’ transformation.


Chantelle Raven

Founder & Lead Teacher

Chantelle has a passion for spiritual awakening, a deep love for people, and a unique understanding of the psyche, the body, and sexuality. She has been facilitating workshops and retreats in the field of spirituality and Tantra for almost 20 years. A former teacher of personal development, she has spent the last 2 decades delving deeply into somatic therapy, shamanism, psychology, philosophy, meditation, self-inquiry, emotional freedom technique, and all things Tantra.

She is known internationally for her unique way of guiding 1000s of students to embody their awakening, working directly with their human- experience as the foundation for lasting and practical life-change.

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