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Soul Evolution

Soul Evolution - Ongoing Support
1:1 | Customisable session packages

This offering is for women who have already worked with me and who desire sustained, consistent expansion in all areas of their life. 

It’s about devotion to yourself, discovering what you truly long for and learning how to create that consistently in your reality.

It’s about truly loving yourself and bringing even more ease, fun, joy and creativity in your life.

It’s about evolving your masculine and feminine energy flow, your relationships and your erotic embodiment.

It’s about healing your self worth wound and no longer settling.

If you are ready to play big and break the mould to unlock relational ease, abundance, passion, surrendered leadership and the full expression of your truth, this is for you.

What I notice is that after big shifts have taken place, it can be difficult to integrate those shifts into your life. It is almost as though your life has to catch up with all the internal changes that have taken place. 

This is a beautiful process, but can also be difficult. I’m here to hold your hand through that journey if you need me. 

“Chantelle is the true embodiment of her teachings, she lives and breathes Tantra as a way of life.  She is the most devoted, outrageously loving, epically powerful, elegant, mystical, intelligent Mentor who truly supports you to come home to the beauty and magnificence of your iridescent Soul.

I wouldn’t be the empowered woman I am today without her brilliance and her influence in my life, words will never be able to articulate the transformation I have experienced. Since working together, I have received a complete re-education on how to live ~ in the way I relate to myself, to others and to the world around me. There has been a reclamation of passion, purpose, pleasure and power, I have a new found sense of aliveness and ecstatic bliss permeating through my body, and I’ve never felt so safe, free and at ease to be me.”

– Sasha Martineau 

On This Journey You Will

“Through working with Chantelle, I was finally able to end a 9 year relationship that was no longer serving either one of us. With her magical gifts, I healed my womb from past lovers and manifested a new partnership that feels so aligned and true for my next journey in love and intimacy.  I have gained confidence in the power of my vulnerability, sharing what I need, and leaning back and trusting my inner feminine. I have done a TON of work but it wasn’t until her guidance and support that I was able to make next level changes and transformation.  

I would recommend this to people who have started the journey into self and are ready for massive upleveling and personal responsibility. I believe it can help anyone who feels stuck in life, love, and intimacy and ready to live the life they know they are here for”.

– Heidi Revay

“I knew Chantelle and I would work together the moment I met her, her strength and fierceness coupled with her soft and nurturing nature allowed me to feel safe to go through any experience I needed to. But also what I loved was her grounded wisdom that is backed by her many years of study and tangible intellect, her understanding of the nervous system and the human psyche, which was something I valued and respected. 

The benefits have changed my life completely in the way I understand myself, the way I relate to myself and others, and how I am able to communicate my needs and boundaries. I feel like a completely different woman in how I show up in life, relationships and in my business..”

– Matilda Carroll

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