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Tara serves in the role of Embodied Awakening Manager and Tantric Practitioner

Tara’s spiritual journey began at 21, when after finishing her degree in Marine Biology, she ventured into the Daintree Forest, deeply yearning to discover what existed beyond 3D reality.  Emerging 4 months later with an expanded awareness of life, she felt the strong call to continue her journey in India, where she found her second home.  For the next 10 years Tara lived in ashrams and temples throughout India, eventually expressed in her devotional song; leading Kirtan and Bhajans around India and Australia.  In 2008 she began guiding groups of seekers to India, creating safety, play and magic as she bridged the worlds of east and west. 

Fast forward to 2017, where in her “other life” she had become an accomplished Doctor in Marine Ecology, and the stars aligned for her first meeting Chantelle Raven – Founder of the Embodied Awakening Academy.  After 17 years of deep soul-searching and practising numerous spiritual modalities, she finally found the missing piece to her spiritual endeavours in the tradition of Tantra.

Tara’s journey with the Embodied Awakening Academy transformed every aspect of her life – healing depression, chronic pain, addiction, childhood trauma, unhealthy relationship dynamics and ingrained limiting beliefs.  Inspired by the epic shift in her life, she left her job as a marine biologist to channel her skills and energy into her heart’s calling: to co-create an Academy that guides people to living an extraordinary life in complete safety, integrity and professionalism.

Tara works passionately managing the Embodied Awakening Academy, doing 1:1 Tantra sessions with clients and teaching workshops and retreats. Dedicated to living Tantra in every aspect of the human experience, her greatest joy is in sharing the Tantric path with souls world-wide who are ready to live in a state of freedom, love, joy and power!

Contact: tara@embodiedawakeningacademy.com