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Discover How To Become A Tantra Practitioner, Heal Others, And Connect with Your Unique Superpowers

Whether you are a Coach, Healer, or Spiritual Seeker, this FREE VIDEO will teach you everything you need to know to become a Tantra Practitioner. 

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  • Feel called to heal people and support them to make massive shifts in their lives through embodied transformation.  


  • Understand that by incorporating Tantra in your current healing modality you can help your clients achieve emotional, realtionship, and sexual mastery. 


  • Aspire to become a spiritual practitioner who can guide clients in transcending their past traumas and wounds with the help of Tantra and other trauma-informed practices.  


  • Value an approach to healing that prioritizes mastery of a toolkit of techniques for diverse challenges, embracing embodiment over mind-based therapy, and cultivation of confidence in your healing abilities. 

But -

  • You may also need support with mindset and what it takes to overcome imposter syndrome and trust your intuition. 


  • At times you can feel lost and overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available online, especially when embarking on a spiritual path such as Tantra.  


  • You want to find a Tantra program and teacher who leads with authenticity and integrity and has the experience and knowledge to train people to become successful and impactful practitioners.  


To help you make the right decision, I have created this in-depth video on ‘How To Become A Tantra Practitioner And Attain Self-Mastery.’  

This video will give you an insightful and down-to-earth understanding of this lineage, that will inspire your journey of self-discovery and sharing your unique gifts with the world.

By The End Of This Video, You Will...

Unveil the Sacred 12 Step Journey to Become a Highly Skillful and Sought After Tantra Practitioner

The 12 steps outlined in the curriculum will give you the knowledge and tools necessary to become a successful Tantra Practitioner. It will equip you with the personal embodiment necessary to establish a robust practice for yourself and others.  

Understand The 40 Session Techniques You Will Master in This Training

At Embodied Awakening Academy, we integrate a range of techniques that provide a whole-being approach to healing, that will help you formulate a personalized strategy for your clients that addresses their underlying issues and supports them in working through their traumas. 

Get Clarity On Your Next Steps

The Q&A section will answer most of your questions and help you figure out what you need to do next to become an effective practitioner, work with clients, and bring them transformative results. 

Here’s What People Are Saying

Aurika Valan, Intimacy and Feminine Leadership Coach

Sonja Melina, RYT, Yoga teacher

Ashae Sundara, 7 figure Spiritual And  Business Mentor,

A Note from Raven

Deep within our hearts and bodies lies a profound intelligence that can truly change our lives if connected to. It is the evolutionary force of love, expressed through our cells, nerves, heart, and the very essence of our sexuality.

If we know how to listen to this with loving presence, the truth of every situation is always accessible to us.  

 This Self-Paced Tantra Practitioner Training has been personally crafted from my 20 years of experience in training with some of the greatest masters in their fields of spiritual expertise and having myself facilitated close to 100 workshops, retreats and client sessions world-wide in the field of spirituality and Tantra. 

 My expertise in sexual trauma, conscious relationships, nervous system regulation, shadow work, and kundalini awakening inspires you to transform how you engage with life, rediscover your true self, and become a guide to help others do the same. 

 This self-paced version allows you to choose the path that you were destined for in a way that is very accessible, affordable and spacious.  

 I hope this inspires you to embrace the magic within and shine your soul in the world.  

With love,  

Raven xx  

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