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8 Steps to Prepare For These Changing Times


In this blog, Raven gives you some powerful tools to prepare and adapt to these changing times. We hope they offer you some peace and remembering of your true, Divine nature in times of fear, doubt and challenge.


Touching your body, breathing deeply, moving and sounding is going to support you to release tension, stress, fear and anxiety.

Ask yourself: “How am I feeling?”  The initial response is likely to be somewhat general, such as “scared,” “anxious,” or “shocked.”  Then really notice the bodily sensations associated with how you are feeling.  Find words in your mind to describe them.

Next and most importantly, breathe into those sensations without resistance.

Give the sensation a sound.  Give the emotion a sound.  Whilst still bringing firm massage like touch to the middle of your body.

Relax, allow and let go, remaining as present as possible.  Really take the opportunity to relax into your emotions, allowing them completely so that any stuck energy in your body can be released.

Touch, Breath, Sound and Movement release huge amounts of stress in the body and bring about great healing.

Keep rubbing your belly in a clockwise direction and repeat the words, “I’m safe. I’m safe. I’m safe.”

Hold space for yourself and love yourself enough to pay attention to how you feel.  This is a practice and a path of direct experience and it also allows us to clear all the barriers that we have built against self-love.  Please refer to the blog “The Emotional Body as a Gateway for Metamorphosis” for more information and tips on expressing, releasing and discharging difficult emotions and stress.


Lungs are the organ affected by coronavirus so we need to breathe!  In Chinese medicine it is also where our emotions sit, so we want to breathe our bodies open in a relaxed way and allow ourselves to feel whatever we are feeling.

It is so important to breathe fully in normal times, let alone now with all of this added stress.  Breathing fully oxygenates the brain and body which will help you to recharge, reduce stress and anxiety, relax and sleep better, feel more grounded and feel safer in these challenging times.

You want to begin by focusing on the rise and fall of your belly.

With every inhale, allow your belly button to expand outwards and fill with air, like a balloon blowing up.  With every exhalation, allow your belly button to fall towards your spine to push the air out and empty your belly.

Most people are accustomed to stress breathing or chest breathing.  That is, shallow, upper chest breathing which is part of a typical stress response and is usually accompanied by one or more of the following: tight jaw, raised and/or collapsed shoulders and self-protection mechanisms in communication.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are in a permanent stress response and therefore, chest breathing all the time.  This is only intensifying at the moment and putting huge amounts of stress on the immune system which is the last thing we need right now!

This stress response becomes significantly reduced as soon as you breathe using your diaphragm.  This is because abdominal breathing helps to calm the nervous system and encourages the body to relax and allow.

Once you are belly breathing (and this may take some time) you can lay down for some deeper breath work if you feel called.  Trust your body.

You can now continue belly breathing, but introduce a two-part breathing practice without any pauses.  

With no pauses between inhale and exhale, flow the breath into the nose and out of the mouth with sound.  Also allow a slight wave through your body where your belly is ballooning out into the heart.  So, there is a two-part inhalation.  First into the belly, then into the heart.  You are then exhaling out an open mouth, with sound, and without pausing.

By breathing this way, you will now naturally begin to release physical tension, stress and anxiety.  Then, as you keep breathing and relaxing more into the exhale, you will release deeper fear, sadness, worry etc.  Your body may tingle, you may feel uncomfortable, you may wonder where all this emotion comes from – just keep relaxing and breathing.

Remember, it all starts with the breath!  The breath is what will give you a felt sense of what it’s like to stay with emotions rather than avoiding them or distracting from them which is paramount in these changing times.  It will create the safety you need to feel at home in your body in a time when external safely and security is fast dissolving.

You can also watch a demonstration of proper diaphragmatic breathing on the Embodied Awakening Academy YouTube channel here:  The Importance of Breath


No matter what is arising, bring your attention to your heart and hold your focus there on whatever is happening in your heart. There may be a lot of grief and longing in this time of uncertainty. There may also be love and a deeper appreciation of what really matters.  Focus on your heart and allow whatever is there.  It sounds simple, and it is, but once you learn the skill involved, it is also deeply profound. We can all feel what is in our hearts, and we do, no matter how hard we try to avoid it. What we don’t understand are the subtitles of attention that are involved to activate the beautiful alchemy of the heart.

Bringing our attention to our heart, and simply focusing on what is happening there, makes it possible to directly experience life as it is, to be in the present moment, and to meet ourselves in our own precious hearts, no matter what we are feeling in any given moment. This practice also offers a profound level of healing for our deepest fears. We can feel what’s real in our vulnerable hearts underneath the story…the stab of losing our sense of security, the fear of isolation, the longing to find certainly and feel safe…it’s all there is in our hearts to be seen and felt so we that we can stay open rather than contracting and “shutting down” internally.  Just because the external world is shutting down, we don’t have to shut ourselves down!  Stay open!

We can also of course, feel gratitude, joy and expansion in our hearts.  This is more likely when we feel those we love, appreciate being alive, make the most of each moment and focus on the gifts of these changing times.

When we get out of our heads and into our hearts, we cultivate a practice of heart-centric living instead of head-centric. Amazing changes occur within our hearts when we begin to get really present with what lies there, so that the healing of painful emotional states occurs and we open to the silence and peace of our essential nature.  Focusing on the heart can be a meditation in itself.  I love putting on beautiful mantra and just focusing on my heart with breath sound and movement.  So beautiful and a portal into what’s authentically going on. You can read our most recent blog, “The Healing Power of Sound” for more ideas on how to work with sound as a healing modality and to connect more deeply with the heart.

At the moment, whilst there are huge changes going on in my life and my decisions are having a big impact on my family and clients, focusing on my heart is the one thing that is bringing me back to peace and helping me to see things clearly.  I can check in…“Is this decision made from my heart? Is it imbued with love and presence? …Yes…ahhhhhh, ok then I trust.  It will all work out.”

At first it is helpful to use this practice as a meditation where you set time aside each day or several times a day to focus on the heart.  Eventually you will begin to automatically drop your attention into your heart, even when you are not sitting in meditation. When you are conversing, when you are cooking and cleaning, when you are with children, family, friends, when you are making love.  It is a living, breathing meditation that becomes a path to living love. This is not spiritual bypass, as the purpose and possibility here is to feel everything fully, as it is, whatever it is, without having your attention split between feeling and the story line going on in the mind.  It is also a very practical practice, in that we can focus on our hearts anywhere, anytime, without formal sitting. Before long, we can meet the mundane, the holy, the light and the dark with grace beyond imagining.

Take time each day to focus on what you are grateful for. Bring awareness to the privileges you still have. For example, clean water, nourishing food, loved ones, sunshine, your creativity. Whatever it is, now more that ever, bring awareness to what you are grateful for, from your heart space.


There are so many different styles of meditation, including using the heart focus practice described above.  Here is another one that I use to really clear that central column so that I can feel safe and open, especially if I am feeling really frazzled and off balance.  It includes beautiful affirmations that you can breathe into your body. You may want to adopt it as a framework, however it is important that your meditation practice resonates with YOU.

We also recently recorded a live YouTube recording of this meditation, available here, if you wish to watch and practice along with us.

You can also read our blog, “Developing A Daily Practice” for more guidance on this.


By moving through the chakras you can feel which chakra is holding any blockages which makes it easier to release what no longer serves and bring more power to what does.

Allow your body to relax and let your arms rest loosely at your side. Breathe deeply and feel yourself relax as you do so. Allow your breath to become deeper and more even, relaxing with every breath.

Allow yourself to become more relaxed with every breath you take and as you do release all the cares in your life, letting go of your thoughts allowing your mind to become quiet and still.  Breathe down the front of your body, front of your spine, listen, notice, watch.  Pause at the end of the inhalation for 4-5 seconds then breathe out the back of the spine, out the crown to infinity.  Keep going with this breath as you breathe into each of the chakras.

Imagine a red flower bud at the base of your spine. As it starts to open see that it is vibrant and full of life energy. This joins you to the earth and her energy. This flower is the basis of our everyday existence. It promotes self-love and care of you.  Say the words, “I have everything I need.  I am grounded, stable and safe.  I trust the Great Mother and the Great Father.  I trust in Divine Flow.”

Now move your attention along the spine to the lower abdomen to about two inches below the navel and imagine an orange flower bud in this area. As it starts to open see that it is the core of your emotions. The energy from this flower allows you to feel whatever you are feeling without judgment – just give whatever you are feeling absolute acceptance.  Acceptance helps to provide peace and balance in your life.  Also feel the flow of harmonious relating and empowered sexuality.  Let go of any fear, guilt and shame you have around your emotional body and your desires as you exhale out the back of your spine.  Say the words “Its ok to feel my sadness, anger, grief and longing.  It’s also ok for me to feel desire, pleasure and excitement”.

Now move your attention along the spine to the base of the rib cage to the area of your solar plexus. Imagine a yellow flower bud starting to open and as it opens you see the energy that flows from it. This is the energy of your power. Breathe and feel the beauty of your unique soul essence.  Feel confidence and self-assurance radiating.  Breathe out any self-defeating or limiting beliefs.  Say the words “I make empowered choices.  I feel calm, confident and at ease”.

Now move your attention along your spine to the area of your heart. Imagine a beautiful green flower bud starting to unfurl and feel the love that pours fourth from it. This is the spring of the love that you have, the love that fills all that you are and all that you do. Allow yourself to feel this love, and know that it keeps you warm in its care.  Open to receiving and giving this love.  Say the words “I AM LOVE. I appreciate the love that surrounds me.  I choose to move with love and not fear.  Love is my greatest protection”.

Moving your attention on along the spine to the throat area, imagine a blue flower bud opening. This is the opening of your inner influence, your guidance to sincerity, truthfulness and understanding. Take time to listen to this voice and it will guide you.  Breathe out the need to please or spend all your time talking about the coronavirus.  Breathe in the relief and joy of authentic heart centered communication.  Say to yourself “I choose empowered, loving, kind words.  I choose to sound how I feel and express and release my emotions.  Singing is going to connect me to love and truth”.

Now moving your attention up into your head to the centre of your brow, see the indigo flower bud that starts to unfurl as its petals open become, aware of the presence of your own spirit. In the energy that comes from the opening petals you become strong and more aware of your intuition.  Say the words, “I trust the power of my intuition” as you breathe in and as you breathe out, release any self-doubt.

Rising up now to the top of your head a white tipped violet flower bud is opening and the energy flowing from it flows upwards, connecting you with the highest guidance. You find yourself becoming aware and accepting that you are guided in all that you do. Let the love and light of Spirt bathe your body, healing the your mind, your heart and your life.  Feel the power of golden or white light pouring into you through the top of your head.  This divine alchemical elixir now pours down through the top of your head, through your brain, down through your neck, relaxing the muscles of your face, traveling down into your torso, filling your heart, your lungs, your abdomen, your spleen, down your arms, into your legs, into every place in your body, every cell…receiving this light, receiving this healing, replacing all resistance of body, of mind, of spirit, of feeling…with total acceptance…all dis ease now melting away…all cellular functioning reviving and rejuvenating on this day.  Say the words “The Divine pours through me, healing my mind, my body and my life of all that no longer serves.”

Your whole body is full and surrounded with the energy from your chakras. At this moment you are aware of the core of each chakra. Pay attention to any physical feeling this may be in the form of flutters in your stomach, earache, stiffness in your back or other aches.  Watch, observe, BE present.

Ask empowering questions:  What needs to change in my life?  What will create safety?  What do I truly desire?  How can I make more empowered choices for my emotional, spiritual and physical health?  How can I love deeper?  What creates meaning in my life? What is my intuition telling me?

Now surrender to the Grace of Spirit.  Surrender who you are, surrender this day, whatever it looks like. (Read The Gift of Surrender blog for more). Trust. Open your heart to all living things.  Give thanks for this day, this new chance, this new opportunity at life.  For the relationships that are good and peaceful, give thanks and commit to participate even more fully, even more compassionately, to be an even greater conduit of love. Now call to mind who you are not in good relationship with.  The people who trigger you, who have hurt you or who you are in conflict with.  Feel the burdens in your heart. Now see if you can allow the feeling of forgiveness to move through your heart.  Not just forgiveness toward them, but also forgiveness toward yourself.

Say to yourself:  May the light of Spirit fall upon me, fill every part of my being so that I may be a light unto others.  Where I journey today, may I know that this is holy ground.  May every encounter be a holy encounter.  May this day be blessed and may I be blessed so that I may be a blessing.  May more internal freedom enter my life as the illusion of external freedom dissolves around me. May I be blessed with health to my body and graciousness to my heart.  On this day and every day, may heaven come closer to earth for me and for all human kind.

If you only have a shorter moment available to you, it can still be incredibly powerful to imagine yourself grounded in golden light. Imagine this golden light radiating throughout your body. throughout the day.


What if we believed there was a divine order to things?  When we consciously choose to trust the flow, we connect to Spirit.  We begin to realize that there is a force that is holding everything together without our conscious control.  We become much closer to God by trusting in the flow and journey, rather than trying to trust the things that we think we can count on or know. Nature knows how to do everything without our interference, even when she has manifested a virus to initiate more awakening on the planet.

The more we let go and trust a bigger “plan” or divine order to things – the more our actions will support and manifest the greatest path and experience of Spirit. What if we could see  the working of Spirit moving through the planet right now – giving us what we need but not necessarily what we want – loving us, caring for us, protecting us. What if we believed that we could relax, trust in the force that moves the universe, believe that the universe knows what it’s doing and is on our side.

Our attempts to direct this force or resist it only interferes with the flow of our own life force energy whereas our willingness to relax into it, allows it to work on our behalf. To relax, to feel the love in our heart and surrender is to stop struggling, questioning and trying to figure things out, or be in a hurry to plan our futures. It is clearly time to pause and let go of planning, controlling or even knowing what the hell is going on.

Loving presence and surrender is what matters more than anything else if we are to find internal safety and freedom.

I am not referring to the freedom or safety that depends on anything external to us.  I am referring to the safety and freedom which is here all the time!!  When we feel safe and we feel free without needing anything on the outside to provide that, we become present with love.

To be present with Love is to be with Spirit. To be with Spirit is to hear an ancient melody that awakens the great forgetting. The great forgetting that we are Love. Think of someone that you love right now. Feel the love. That feeling is accessible in any given moment whether a particular person is here or not. It is the feeling of love that we need to focus on more than anything right now.

Take this opportunity to go into spiritual labour, giving birth to more love, safety and freedom!


Make real contact with the environment you’re living in. Be Aware of it and stay in tune with Her. She feels you! Go outside, find a quiet place in nature somewhere and surrender yourself to Mother Earth. Share your sorrows, your fears, your dreams and allow her to be there for you. She will caress and nourish you. Allow yourself these magical healing moments. Being in nature is so restorative, so beautiful and gives us direct contact to God and Goddess.  If we cannot feel and see the reflection of God in the miracle of a flower, in the miracle of the ocean, a tree, the sun, the moon…then where? Nature gives us a beautiful gateway to Remember.


Finally, walk your authentic Soul Path with Courage without the need for applause or approval.  Listen to your heart and become attuned to your own passions and super powers and trust that this time is an opportunity to discover what you are here to transmit into the world.  Feel the unique Divine Spark that is your Soul. In that place there is no fear. There is no uncertainty. There is only clarity and purpose. It’s where you connect with your essence and where darkness only births more light, so that love can flow freely.

Most people imagine themselves to be separate from God, from each other, and from everything else that is. In truth, we are all intrinsically connected with everything – including that which we call God, Divinity or Spirit.  I hope this blog helps you to Remember. Namaste.


Although it may be tempting to overwhelm yourself with the copious amounts of information flying at us right now by scrolling, trying to find the latest news updates or talking incessantly about the coronavirus, there are more conducive ways to look after yourself and those you love.  Yes, find sources of intelligent information but also take care of what you put into your mind!

Put on inspiring audios, courses and talks!  We can’t attend classes, workshops or retreats at the moment but we can make our home a retreat space.

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It’s time to go deep friends. And we are here with you and for you on this beautiful, difficult journey.


We hope this blog provides you with some love, solace and guidance through these times.

In Joy and Love,

Raven and the Embodied Awakening Team

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