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Guide to Sex Magic


Sexual energy is life energy

Its nature is to create. This means that sexual energy and creative energy are inextricably connected, and sexual energy will naturally fuel creativity and passion when harnessed properly.  Sex, essentially, is the act of creation but what most people don’t know is that it can be channeled not only in order to birth physical life, but also to birth something you are wanting to manifest.  In other words, every sexual act creates a “child” on the spiritual plane, regardless of whether a flesh and blood baby is produced on the material plane.  This practice is called ‘sex magic’, which essentially means that with enough will, you can transform the raw energy from your sex center into golden manifestation.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is a process of bringing your ideas, concepts, visions, and dreams from your inner world into your outer world, so you can enjoy it with your physical body. Focused, consistent, positive and clear thoughts align you with the law of attraction.  To take things to the next level and align yourself with manifestation, you just need to get super clear about what you want, see and feel what it would be like to have it, have a strong intention and voila! (More on this in next fortnight’s blog ‘Manifestation Ritual’.)

Why use Sex Magic?

Sex magic is a means to an end, a way to mobilize the amazing creative power of sexual energy to generate a desired result.  Basically, you do sex magic for the same reasons you would do any other manifesting ritual: to cause something you desire to happen.  You might want to promote healing or attract money or achieve spiritual enlightenment.  When you add sexual energy to any manifestation ritual, you increase the intensity of the magic spell.  It is difficult to describe, and you won’t really know till you try it.  One analogy is to say that you are adding fuel to the fire! When I practice sex magic, I see lots of gold flowing and circulating between my partner and I; and the vision I see of what I want to manifest becomes so much clearer and more heightened. The pleasure I feel with our intimacy combined with the pleasure of feeling what it would be like to have what I desire takes me to new levels of bliss!  It takes manifesting out of the mind and FULLY into the body and into the mystery.

Guide to Sex Magic

Sex magic is the creation or seeding of what you are wanting to birth into the world, so you may be asking –do you need a partner of the opposite gender to do sex magic? No.  Sex magic relies on blending male and female energies and regardless of gender, we all have both masculine and feminine energies.  You don’t even need a physical partner to perform sex magic. Self-pleasuring works too and it can be a good idea to practice alone for a while before you start working with a partner or as well as.  You can even call upon a God or Goddess (deity) to participate with you, but that subject requires more discussion than we have room for in this blog.

1. Set and Get Clear on your Intention First

Before engaging in sex magic, it is important to set and get clear on your intention first through a manifestation ritual (see the next blog “Manifestation Ritual” which will be released in a fortnight).  If you are working with a partner, maybe do the ritual together.  Either way, discuss your intention in advance, and make sure you both agree on the result you intend to generate.

2. Create Sacred Space

Create a sacred space (usually the bedroom) dedicated to magical lovemaking so that when you are going to make love there is a beautiful process of honoring the temple –physically and then energetically.  This can be likened to any ritual or ceremony preparation where incense or sage is burned, music is played, and candles are lit.  I maintain this practice in my own life and I love having a temple for a bedroom and I also love preparing the space for magical union.  As I clear the space, I also like to invoke the full living presence of Mother, Father, Spirit; and imagine my bed surrounded with rings of primordial fire that protect whatever happens in that bed from anything other than the purest love energy of the Divine.  For Sex Magic, I devote the space to the most ecstatic, magical, creative, powerful lovemaking.

3. Soul gaze Together

You engage with the Tantric practice of Transfiguration –looking into each other’s eyes (perhaps in front of an altar that is set up in your bedroom).  Then you connect and become very present with yourselves and each other in SILENCE (Jnana) and DEVOTION (Bhakti).  One of you or both of you may even sing.  The reverence and honoring you experience brings you into your heart and allows you to connect soul to soul, heart to heart, smile to smile, eye to eye.  There is no rush and no goal, just a reverence for each other as a human divine being that is quite simply melting you from the inside out.  For this step to feel completely authentic you and your beloved should have your own solo practice of meditation, silence and reverence, which is now overflowing into each other.  The more energy we give to our Selves, the more we can perceive the truth and experience intimacy (into-me-you-see).  There is also an opportunity here to set your intention out aloud.

4. Connect Energetically and With Breath, Sound and Movement

Energy and breath are essential for the release of thoughts and expansion into the moment of Being fully in the body.  You breathe together, move together and blend mindfulness with energy.  You begin to run energy through your own bodies with breath, sound and movement with full awareness.  So, begins the masculine and feminine dance with an awareness beyond all duality, moving the body to move beyond the body.  In this step, you exchange energy in the subtle realms before physical sensual touch, so that by the time you put your hands on each other, you are glowing and ready.  Circular breathing commences, where the woman consciously breathes up the energy from the man’s base into hers and up to her heart, continuing out from her heart into his.  The man breathes in the woman’s energy from her heart into his, breathing it down into his base and out into hers.  Thus, creating a steady circulation of energy between the two, merging into one.

5. Sensual Touch

There is more attention on the physical in this step, and because there has been such a build-up…ahhhhhh it is oh so sweet and there is so much gratitude for each other’s bodies.  Now you combine breath, sound, movement and energy merging, with sensual pleasurable touch, a touch that is spread over the entire body, from toes to head, appreciating every inch of each other.  You feel every glide and move of each other’s hands and fingers, bringing an aliveness to your skin and cells.  You touch each other slowly and move into yab yum position, if you like (woman sits on top of a cross-legged man with her legs wrapped around his torso, thus connecting all chakras together).  If thoughts begin to churn or analyze, there is the touch and the love to bring you back into your body, silently asking you to accept anything that you are feeling. The permutations move like waves through your body, and you may be trembling now as you move deeper into union. Time?  What is that?  There is only the touch, the presence, the candle flames flickering and the deep sounds.

6. Sex and Sublimation

An important ancient Tantric Practice is to sublimate sexual energy.  In other words, the goal is to no longer have a genital orgasm, but rather raise sexual energy into the heart and into higher consciousness (this is quite an extensive topic which you will learn all about during my Sacred Sexuality Course).  Put simply, this step is about how to slow down when you make love.  Many of us tend to rush toward the finish line, rather than pacing ourselves during sex.  Drawing out the experience and allowing your sexual energy to build gradually enhances your magical power.  Luxuriate in your sensuality.  Let your excitement slowly increase until you feel almost ready to climax… then back off. Do some deep breathing.  Shift from genital stimulation to stroking other parts of the body and keep the energy and soul gazing alive.  When the immediacy has subsided, gradually elevate the level of excitation until, once again, you almost reach the point of no return. Ease off again.  Continue in the manner for as long as you like, slowly and steadily building intensity.  With practice, you’ll learn to “stay on the edge” for an extended period of time.

7. Visualize at the Point of High Arousal

During periods of high arousal, envision what you are manifesting.  The more intense your feelings, the faster you can attract what you desire, and in this near-orgasmic state your magnetic power is at its highest. You don’t have to focus on your vision all the time but remain aware of it and as you raise energy and cycle it through your body, giving yourself permission to enter unexplored realms.  New things will come in I can assure you, because of the magic that sex adds to your manifesting.  You’re so blissed out that your mind gets out of the way, so your imagination has more freedom as well as your unconscious desires.

8. Seeding Your Vision

Sex Magic is when ejaculating and having an explosive clitoral orgasm can increase energy rather than depleting energy.  As you feel ready to release the energy you’ve built up, hold your vision clearly in your mind and feel the pleasure of having your desired outcome manifested in your life. Now, let your orgasm wash through you. As it does, allow the waves of your pleasure send your vision into the universe.  The momentum you’ve generated carries your vision out into the universe, where it plugs into the fertile womb of the matrix and creates a magical child.
After orgasm, relax and don’t go into thoughts about what you are manifesting.  Now is the time to enjoy the intimacy and bliss you are experiencing with yourself and with your partner.  Meet each other in silence and devotion again.

9. Let Go and Let God

Trust the universe to take care of things now and trust the magic of this sacred act.  Sex magic has been with us always and always will be.  At this very moment, you possess the ability to make your life whatever you want it to be, not through working hard and struggling, but through expressing the joy and pleasure that is your birthright.

* * *

To learn more on life force/sexual energy as a manifesting tool and healing modality, join us for one of our Events in Australia or Bali where in a safe and respectful space,  the wisdom and benefits of Tantra will be unraveled.

With love

Xx Chantelle

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Chantelle Raven

Chantelle raven is a gifted healer and sought after international speaker on sacred relationship and sacred sexuality. Her mission is providing education in radical self-responsibility and the sacred dance of masculine and feminine within and without.