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As women, if we want to care for, awaken and heal our feminine body, soul and sexuality, we need to tune into our wombs.  There is so much wisdom here, creative power and emotional fluidity.  It is where we store our emotions and grow the incredible miracle of life.  It is our feminine centre and it is the core of our sexuality.  When we are penetrated into our yoni, the energy entering us goes through our womb into our heart.  What energy is entering this potent space?  Is it loving and present?  What emotions are vibrating here? Are you aware of what you are allowing into this sacred space?

By learning how to tune into, honour and clear your womb, you will be able to enter into deeper intimacy with yourselves, your lovers, your emotions, your power, your creativity and the Earth.  You will become more embodied and authentic not only with yourself but also with others.  In terms of your capacity to identify and feel your pain and your pleasure, womb healing initiates a journey into complete acceptance and surrender which is key to sexual fulfilment and orgasmic ecstasy.

Womb Centre

The Womb Centre can be described as an organic energetic centre and is present in men and women (as opposed to the womb organ).  It is your deepest point of power in this physical incarnation. It represents the feminine power to birth and divine feminine essence.  It is responsible for life on the planet – does it get any more powerful than that?

When you are more womb-centred you feel more connected to the earth, peaceful, grounded and you will learn to heal your past wounds.  You will also become more receptive to pleasure, intuition, feminine magic, love, creativity and power.

The Womb lies deep in your body, whether it is a physical womb or not, as a container for your aliveness.  I had my womb removed in my early 30’s but I still feel very connected to my energetic womb centre. Whenever I need healing or guidance, or whenever I’m wishing to birth something new, I tune into my womb.  I listen, feel, express, release and create from this centre.  It is here that old wounds and traumas are held and by clearing our wombs, we clear whatever is getting in the way of what we want to bring into this world.

Since the womb is a feminine centre that receives and holds energy and information, she receives and stores significant amounts of other people’s wounded or unresolved energy as well. This is particularly true for those who we have made love to.  We absorb a lot emotionally as women and every time we are entered without love, part of our sexual aliveness shuts down. We may feel sexually numb and unable to feel much pleasure at all, let alone a full-blown Tantric ecstatic, orgasmic state. We absorb so much from our lovers, their fantasies, their presence or lack thereof, their toxicity, their turmoil.  We also absorb their beautiful healing light. We want to keep the energy that serves, and release the energy that doesn’t.

Womb healing was one of the most life changing practices I was introduced to and it holds hidden keys to vital forces and transformation.  It is a vessel that that helps us to embody love and feel the truth of our feminine essence.Just recently, upon beginning a new relationship, a womb healing practice I did completely cleared out my last relationship and opened me to receiving new love.

Healing Intention

Once you intend to consciously connect with your Womb, you can begin the beautiful journey of discovering the healing potential of this connection. Energetically, when you connect to your womb, you get to re-plug into Mother Earth and your opened womb will transform your life so that you can trust and feel safe in the world.  We also begin to trust ourselves a lot more, trust love a lot more and surrender to the love that’s all around us. Womb Healing really comes down to holding a clear intention to form a conscious physical, emotional and spiritual connection to your womb and then embodying this intention through breath, sound, movement, visualisation and self practices.

These are a handful of very potent ways to get in touch with your sacred womb, and each practice is a whole world of healing to explore within itself. Through my personal healing journey and my experiences as a practitioner, I have become aware of a number of supportive tools and practices to enliven your womb space into full power. I will share these with you in next weeks Practice Blog.

Until then, I invite you to tune into your womb and see what wisdom you discover. You can also check out our Living Tantra Retreat, held in Bali in May, where, during the retreat, both men and women will flush what no longer serves out of the womb centre – past connections, trauma and held emotions – so we can show up clear in this moment creating the next chapter from a place of power.

With love,

Xx Chantelle

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Chantelle Raven

Chantelle raven is a gifted healer and sought after international speaker on sacred relationship and sacred sexuality. Her mission is providing education in radical self-responsibility and the sacred dance of masculine and feminine within and without.