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8 Steps to Prepare For These Changing Times

In this blog, Raven gives you some powerful tools to prepare and adapt to these changing times. We hope they offer you some peace and remembering of your true, Divine […]

Addictions & What They Can Teach Us

I have never really seen myself as someone with much of an addictive personality. I don’t drink coffee, can come and go from alcohol and don’t smoke etc. But having […]

Soul Centered Business: Daily Practice

In this week’s blog, I am thrilled to share Raven’s Soul Centered Business Daily Practice, taken from Embodied Awakening’s newly launched online course Soul Centered Business. Raven shared this practice […]


Singing is one of the most joyful and calming spiritual practices for me. I can really feel it in my body when I go too long without allowing my voice […]


In the 4 years I’ve been working with Eliyah, the biggest resistance I’ve had has been committing to a daily practice. I would do the different processes and embodiment practices […]