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Love Your Work, Live In Integrity


Are you living an empowered, authentic, stimulating life?

When I was a teenager, my life goal was crystal clear. I was going to achieve empowerment, which I believed meant becoming a high-powered independent superwoman with an enviable career. Staying at home to cook and clean like an obedient housewife was out of the question. So I pursued what I thought was my dream: a career as a Civil Engineer. I studied hard, got the qualifications I needed, landed myself that enviable job, and had a prosperous career ahead of me. I had done it, I felt empowered!

And yet something was seriously missing. I started to get sick increasingly often. My body was screaming out for me to listen, but for the longest time I never stopped to check in and ask why. I just pushed through like so many of us think we ought to.

After some time in the job, something inside of me started to soften. I realised that getting offered the dream job was the proof that “I could do it”. Proof to myself and to others. Suddenly I felt able to relax and create space to feel what was truly alive in me. I realised that I wasn’t actually happy in my job. It just wasn’t my calling. The thought of giving it all up and changing directions petrified me, but I was determined to discover my truth. So I did it. I quit my job and bought a one-way ticket to Asia. That’s when my journey to true empowerment began.

Now I feel truly empowered, and empowerment means something completely different to me. I make a successful living from doing something that truly fulfils me. I coach people to express themselves authentically, to discover their sacred sexuality, to experience the benefits of tantric arts, and to expand their awareness. I absolutely love my job!

So how did I get here?

Well it’s pretty simple really. First, I got out of my head and took some time to truly listen to my body. I realised that feeling empowered had nothing to do with my profession, so I made some decisions which were aligned with my core values and passions, without letting fear take control and keep me stagnated. Secondly, I learnt how to establish a true harmonious balance my between my inner feminine and inner masculine.

So ask yourself now – am I living in alignment with my core values and passions? Am I letting fear stagnate me and hold me back from living my purpose? Do I have harmony between the disciplined, structured, action-based part of myself (masculine) with the creative, expressive, intuitive part of myself (feminine). If the answer is ‘no’ to any of these, you might want to check out Eliyah’s Course – Mastery & Purpose – that combines the wisdom of Tantra with successful business strategies, to help make this shift to living your passion.

What does living in integrity mean?

Keep living your life in alignment with your own values system. Don’t be a slave to the ideas and opinions that have been drip fed to you by society. Choose to do something because it is aligned with your awakening, with your authentic self and soul. It doesn’t matter how it looks to the outside world.

I am not going to lie and tell you that it’s a walk in the park. Challenges will appear. The path to integrity with yourself could be riddled with challenges. You will probably encounter moments of tremendous fear as you worry what others might think of you. But do you know what? You will be living according to your truth and honouring your values. Nothing can make you feel more alive, passionate about life, vibrant, and at peace with your soul.

Take a minute to pause, breathe and reflect on yourself. What are your values? Are you living in integrity?

Why does it help to feel this sense of inner marriage?

The concept of inner marriage, well known in ancient traditions, as well as in modern psychology, represents an inner dance between 2 opposing energies within all of us – masculine and feminine (click here for Eliyah’s free ebook on Inner Marriage). In my life, my feminine adds juice to my life, whilst my masculine makes sure I get shit done. My feminine energy brings passion, life force, movement, intuition, creativity and manifestation. My masculine energy on the other hand, brings direction, awareness, consciousness, presence, stillness, determination, organisation, drive and strength.

I notice that when I feed my feminine too much my life feels passionate and vibrant, yet totally chaotic. And when I feed my masculine too much, my life is super organised and I get so much done… but I feel dry, depressed, dissatisfied. What about you? What do you notice when your energies are in balance or out of balance?

For me empowerment is a sense of being. It’s living in integrity with oneself. It’s having that inner feeling of balance. In order to flow in life, and to fully step into our empowerment, I believe that it’s critical to create harmony in this inner alchemy. Above all I think the most important thing is to trust your soul. To surrender to the current of existence. To surrender to life. When you connect with it, the soul has an endless power, and it helps to overcome challenges and fears.

What does empowerment mean to you? Do you feel empowered in your life right now? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself if you are wanting to shift from an unfulfilling vocation, to one that lights you up and makes you feel alive and juicy!

Elisa Caro

Elisa Caro

Elisa Caro is an international Tantra & mindful sexuality practitioner and facilitator. Trained in different lineages including traditional Tantra and shamanism, Elisa is passionate about helping people to connect with their authentic self and live a fulfilling and intimate sexual life. Download her free video series on the orgasmic women here: https://mailchi.mp/bd0cf53c3d29/female-orgasmic-power or check out more about her here: www.elisacaro.com You can also follow her on Instagram: @elisa_caro.