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Shamanic Death Ritual


Letting go of identity, the I, is fucking scary, but it’s the only way to be truly free.

FREEDOM is only for the courageous. The adventurer.

Have you ever been afraid of something and then actually done it anyway? Like being dared to jump into a freezing cold lake (ouch, cold!) and then actually jumping in? Climbing a tall height? Wow. When you drop into the water, or get to the top.. Aaaaah!! Exhilaration. Joy. Arms wide open.

It’s the same explosion of energy when we face our fear.

The problem is that we turn our back on our fear. Then it becomes fear about fear and we shrink.

What if we just turned around and met it?

All fear is intimately connected fear of death. Really facing our fears means that we become at ease with ending, finishing, becoming nothing. Connect to death to see that we are life itself: limitless, endless Consciousness.

Meet your fears in a shamanic death ritual. Gently put to rest the part of you that wants saving and protecting The part of you that runs away from really living. Youll then feel the joy and exhilaration of being: reborn into everything and nothing, stillness and energy. Truth. Presence. Love.

I dont even know if I am or I am not.

When I think I am, I find myself worthless,

when I think I am not, I find my value.

Like my thoughts, I die and rise again each day


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