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How to embrace love fully, inside and out

I often come across people who deeply desire passionate and fulfilling relationships, yet they constantly find themselves either single or in relationships that aren’t compatible. What I’ve noticed is that […]

How to communicate for closeness, not conflict

communication in relationships

Listening to another requires not just our ears to be open, but our hearts to be open. So much tension in relationships comes from  communication which causes conflict rather than […]

Sexuality Starts With You

Feeling sexy, powerful, attractive, radiant & confident starts from the inside. It is the energy we hold that makes us most attractive, when it is emanating from our core. How […]

How to Stop Being Put in The Friend Zone

Do you find yourself often being put in the ‘friend zone,’ when often you actually want more? Being put in the friend zone by someone you’re interested in can be […]

Enticing A Woman’s Desire

Whilst enticing a man’s desire is most easily done through sensuality, enticing a woman’s desire is most easily done though romance and opening her heart. When most guys want to […]


I remember when I was in the trying stage of my spiritual journey. Trying to get rid of my pain. Trying to get more pleasure. Trying to be some ideal […]