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In this week’s blog, we share powerful writing from the Embodied Awakening Academy’s Divine Masculine Teacher and Tantric Practitioner, Aaron Kleinerman around being the primal creator of your life’s reality. 

At the moment, for some, it can feel like life is making decisions for you. That there are external limitations, pressures, restrictions that feel like you have no choice. 

But making a conscious choice to shift your perspective and be open to possibilities, even during times of challenge,  will always bring you closer to your truth. It’s also incredibly empowering. I know for me, whenever I feel like life is controlling me, I lose confidence, I feel more depressed, a let go of self-care practices and go deeper into a void of despair. When I feel connected to my truth, when I find ways to connect to the freedom and love that is always within me, I regain my sense of power, of empowerment and this always leads to new doors opening and a greater capacity to take the next step that is required of me. 

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I did.

xx With Love




We live in a world of endless distractions.

Distractions from our true inner self, the one that shines through inside of everything.

See, we are raised in a society of conditions.

Conditions around “how” we are supposed to live.

Conditions around “how” we are supposed to eat.

Conditions around ”how” we are supposed to fuck.

An individual with full inner freedom can be quite scary to modern society.

Individuals who see the bigger game of this life, can be quite “dangerous” to life.

Many brilliant teachers, prophets, scholars have been pushed down by governments, by organizations, by military regimes that recognize their growing power and find ways to either end their human journey or find ways to severely limit their reach.

However, with modern technology and innovation the game is beginning to change.

I do see much struggle, worry and doubt on the planet, however matching that struggle is an incredible amount of individuals waking up and reclaiming their personal power.

This power comes in the form of business, financial, relationship, sexual, physical, mental, etc.

It comes in many forms, and we as humans love to give this power away.  It is not often done consciously, but more subconsciously.

And with the rise of greater developments in psychology, neurology and entheogenics, there are more and more people waking up to reclaim their sovereign power to choose life and to choose love.

If you are reading this and you are finding yourself in a situation where you feel

“in a world of endless disarray”

then let these words actually create inquiry inside of you.

allow yourself to shift the lens of perception you are currently residing inside of.

When this lens shifts,

when this “waking up” begins to take more form 

there is an entire world of possibilities that are there.

Again, a fully awakened being can be quite challenging for this society to feel,

but there are ways to tactfully integrate without loosing one’s core.

That integration often begins with very deeply breaking down the “truths” of your current life situation.

When I travel, teach and help humans awaken to their inherent soul’s wisdom around the planet, I often ask people the question:

“What do you do?”

They usually answer what their work is in the world, which is usually the expression of what we do on the planet.

I then usually ask “Do you enjoy what you do?”

Often the answer is “it pays the bills” or “it’s work and I have to do it.”

Now, I am not saying this is bad or good, all I am saying is that what if their perception of how they are living and breathing in the world could be different.

What if instead of answering in a non inspired way that what they do just builds these certain conditions around their life, then possibly they could actually answer with enthusiasm with a love and appreciation for life, love and work.

I am not saying this is everyone, and honestly most of my beloveds and friends around the globe absolutely adore their work.

But let’s break this down for those who may not.

See at some point, you decided that this job you are doing, this city you are living in was the way you wanted life.

There may have been grand ideas about doing other things.

There may have been incredible ways or possibilities of the future.

But in general you went to this lifestyle and you may now feel that there is no other way and if there was another way… its too hard.

So I ask you; if you have given away your right to choose where you work and where you live..

have you given away your power?

Sure, you have chosen your job and chosen your living situation.

But do you want something different?

Is there a little intuitive voice inside that wants to guide you elsewhere but you never listen or give it power?

So instead of listening blindly, or following blindly…

What if you realized 


If some psychic or reader, or teacher tells you the way your life is going to be and you believe it… chances are, you are going to follow that exact way of being in their eyes.

For all our minds know is to create the reality that we desire.

This sometimes doesn’t feel like so, and life gets filled with challenges and many road blocks.

But what if every roadblock, was just universal design showing you another way of seeing the situation. 

What if every challenge, was just an inherent way to reclaim your personal power?

I certainly do not have all the answers, but what I invite to invoke inside of you is to 

Look deeper

inquire more

into your genuine interests

into your genuine desires

and from there a new course of desire and possibility can happen in this world. 

I want you to reclaim your power

Every soul on this planet wants you in your full power.

So look deeply in the mirror

eye gaze with your soul

and ask yourself if you are actually living to the fullest of your life’s potential.

There is a unique wisdom and gift of your soul on this planet and the more you give your power away, the farther away that gift goes from being shared with humanity.

Aaron Kleinerman

Divine Masculine Teacher of Embodied Awakening & Tantric Practitioner



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Aaron Kleinerman

Divine Masculine Teacher of Eliyah & Tantric Practitioner