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What is it Really Like to Live a Tantric Life

To people who haven’t experienced true Tantra, their thoughts on the topic are generally related to wild, long-lasting amazing sexual experiences. To people who have experienced it, Tantra is usually […]

The Feminine Archetypal Wheel

Every woman embodies a range of feminine energies within herself known as Archetypes. These Archetypes are universal, meaning all women of all cultures, times and ages carry them, regardless of whether […]

Freeing the Feminine in Men and Women

There can be so much pressure on men to be present, to witness without judgement, to create safety, to ‘see’ a woman and to be able to hold space for her, […]

Monogamy as an Authentic Path

I have always thought that monogamy was hypocritical…that it was giving up desire for the sake of another desire.  That is, giving up the desire to be lovers with someone […]

Tantra: Descension & Emotional Continence

Most spiritual paths these days are predominantly in pursuit of ‘love and light’, or what we might call ‘Ascension’. The fact is – ascension is the easy part! . It’s the […]

Healing the Wound of Abandonment

The deep wound of abandonment carries the mask of dependence. One either clings to a person and drives them away, or abandons them first before they can be abandoned. The […]

Making Friends with Your Humanity

Letting go of the Identity, the “I” is fucking scary and yet its seems to be something that every spiritual tradition tells us that we need to move towards if […]