Equilibrating The Mind to Recognise Love

We live in a reflective world.  Our human body is a bio-electric magnetic body, to which our soul dwells inside of.  So we live in duality.  Duality which is made […]

Finding your Sword Ceremony

Transmuting Anger into Power Feel into a person and/or situation that makes you angry. When your anger arrives, welcome it like a guest in your house.  Bear in mind that […]


  In my last blog “Understanding Sexual Fear, Guilt and Shame” I spoke about where sexual fear, guilt and shame can come from including our influences from upbringing and the […]

Understanding Sexual Fear, Guilt & Shame

Sexuality, more than any other energy, carries the power for healing, love and awakening. It is the energy that creates life and yet, society mostly teaches that it is a […]

How to Express as a Queen, Rather Than a Princess

Communication and self-expression are key to sharing your purpose with the world, maintaining happy, thriving relationships, attracting people to your ideas, working productively with others and influencing change.  It is […]

Healthy Communication in Relationship

How is the communication between you and your beloved? Or how is the communication when you are in partnership?   There are so many rules on communication that we put […]