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Do you head fuck yourself?

When your thoughts are overwhelming you… The key is to stay very present with what is here, right now, instead of ruminating about the past or trying to get answers […]

Guide to Sex Magic

Sexual energy is life energy Its nature is to create. This means that sexual energy and creative energy are inextricably connected, and sexual energy will naturally fuel creativity and passion when […]

Cultivating Polarity through Strength and Surrender

In this week’s blog, Raven shares a beautiful practice that you can try with your partner to experience cultivating polarity. CULTIVATING POLARITY PRACTICE In last week’s blog, “The Secrets to […]


In this week’s blog, we share powerful writing from the Embodied Awakening Academy’s Divine Masculine Teacher and Tantric Practitioner, Aaron Kleinerman around being the primal creator of your life’s reality.  […]

Taking off the “Good Girl/Good Boy” Mask

In my work as a practitioner, one of the most common challenges I see clients face is getting past the “good girl/good boy” conditioning that they have adopted, often since […]


There’s this idea that awakening or spirituality is an intellectual realisation, and it is at first.  We have a shift in perception, we start to see things differently; old beliefs […]