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Align Mini Course

STOP PLAYING SMALL – YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL When your life is aligned with your heart, deepest desires, and truth, infinite possibilities of joy, ease, pleasure, leadership, and abundance […]

Align Intensive

This 4-day live intensive and bonus material is designed to support you in creating and magnetizing circumstances, people, and events that reflect your deepest level of soul alignment and feminine […]

Introduction To Tantra

This course is for everyone, regardless of their familiarity with Tantra. Chantelle and Aaron make the ancient practices of Tantra accessible in everyday life, such that students will gain a […]

Sex, Money, Power

The energy of Sexuality, Money and Power are extremely potent within our society, and everyone wants more of these in some form or another. However, not everyone is ready to […]

5 Tantric Keys to Achieve Mental Health

It is natural to experiences challenges in life, but a resistance to feeling painful and challenging emotions can result in unnecessary suffering, often manifesting as anxiety, depression, addiction and overwhelm. […]

5 Ways to Cultivate Magnetic Joy

The moments we most remember are the ones that light up our hearts with passion, fun, playfulness and joy. So why wait to be happy?! Set the intention to create […]

5 Exercises for Sexual Healing

Sexual energy is creative life force energy; it has the power to create life and it has the power to heal. In this course, Chantelle Raven guides practices to unlock […]