Guide to Sex Magic

Sexual energy is life energy Its nature is to create. This means that sexual energy and creative energy are inextricably connected, and sexual energy will naturally fuel creativity and passion when […]

Manifestation Ritual

What is Manifestation? A Manifestation ritual is a process of bringing your ideas, concepts, visions, and dreams from your inner world into your outer world, so you can enjoy it […]

Golden Shadows

GOLDEN SHADOWS When we speak of our shadows, we often associate them with the more shameful and darker aspects of our unconscious.  However, as Carl Jung defined, there is another […]

Sexuality Starts With You

Feeling sexy, powerful, attractive, radiant & confident starts from the inside. It is the energy we hold that makes us most attractive, when it is emanating from our core. How […]

Cultivating Polarity through Strength and Surrender

In this week’s blog, Raven shares a beautiful practice that you can try with your partner to experience cultivating polarity. CULTIVATING POLARITY PRACTICE In last week’s blog, “The Secrets to […]


Singing is one of the most joyful and calming spiritual practices for me. I can really feel it in my body when I go too long without allowing my voice […]


In this week’s blog Chantelle shares powerful and practical tools in how to not take things personally. She speaks about healthy communication, the art of listening, holding back your assumptions, […]

Enticing A Woman’s Desire

Whilst enticing a man’s desire is most easily done through sensuality, enticing a woman’s desire is most easily done though romance and opening her heart.  When most guys want to […]