I remember when I was in the trying stage of my spiritual journey. Trying to get rid of my pain. Trying to get more pleasure. Trying to be some ideal […]


I’m finally understanding, with my beloved’s help, that my beauty is in my being not my appearance.  When I truly open to my bliss body, I feel this most easily. […]


What I have realised in my journey with running my own businesses, is that money has an actual intelligence that wants for me whatever is going to help me to […]

Masculine and Feminine Energies in Business

My Journey with the Masculine and Feminine in Business Creating a Tantra School has given me many opportunities to keep developing and integrating my inner union in business.  Whilst it has […]

To My Inner Soul Mate

To My Inner Soul Mate, Before you, I always longed for a sacred soul mate Union. I felt glimpses of it, but it was never lasting or consistent. Then I […]

Choosing Forgiveness

My greatest teacher has been my mother. Throughout most of my life I believed she was the cause of my pain and so I created defences to keep her out […]

Daily Practices to Shift Stress – Part One

Every day with my clients, I feel how much stress is held in their bodies, creating such blockages to their ease in this present moment. I can relate because I’ve been […]