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How to embrace love fully, inside and out

I often come across people who deeply desire passionate and fulfilling relationships, yet they constantly find themselves either single or in relationships that aren’t compatible. What I’ve noticed is that […]

Do you head fuck yourself?

When your thoughts are overwhelming you… The key is to stay very present with what is here, right now, instead of ruminating about the past or trying to get answers […]

How to communicate for closeness, not conflict

Listening to another requires not just our ears to be open, but our hearts to be open. So much tension in relationships comes from  communication which causes conflict rather than […]

8 Steps to Prepare For These Changing Times

In this blog, Raven gives you some powerful tools to prepare and adapt to these changing times. We hope they offer you some peace and remembering of your true, Divine […]

Kundalini Tantra Massage / Bodywork

What does a Kundalini Tantra style of Massage / Bodywork look like? A kundalini massage style of bodywork is a hands-on, energy based style of bodywork where a space is held […]


How is your relationship to letting go of control? I am really moving through this piece at the moment. I have always been someone who likes to plan things, to […]

The Secrets to Romantic Chemistry 

I have recently had a few conversations with friends around sexual polarity. More specifically, the confusion felt by all genders on what the expectations are of them, especially in the […]

Taking off the “Good Girl/Good Boy” Mask

In my work as a practitioner, one of the most common challenges I see clients face is getting past the “good girl/good boy” conditioning that they have adopted, often since […]


There’s this idea that awakening or spirituality is an intellectual realisation, and it is at first.  We have a shift in perception, we start to see things differently; old beliefs […]